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SEND Strategy is a mountain sports focused marketing and PR agency. We make sure that when your brand is ready to SEND it you'll stick the landing.

You're all in.

You can't afford to just communicate with those that affect your brand, you need to have experiences with them. This takes work. This takes authenticity and time to understand them. We're here to help you make that time because when you're all in, your success depends on it.



We're made in the outdoors. We grew up hiking, skiing, running and cycling. We became passionate 'doers' of all this and more in our formative years. 


We're professional 'doers' too. After nearly a decade as a gear focused journalist, SEND Strategy founder, Matthew Pacocha, joined cycling tech company Stages Cycling to launch this new brand into the world. Over a five-year period, he helped build Stages Cycling into a category leader with a must-have product for world-class professionals and everyday enthusiasts in every discipline of cycling. SEND Strategy is a product of this brand building experience and one person's drive to help other brands grow and participate authentically in the space they live.


When you're all-in on your business, you can't afford to lose. You're in the same place as the mountain biker pulling up into a gnarly rock garden; the grand tour cyclist that's poker-faced and in the red on a critical climb; or the moment before your boards reach the edge of the cliff. Sending it, strategically, isn't huck and pray—the costs are too high—rather, it's a focused, calculated and measured effort that's dependant on your skills. We're here to help make sure you have methods and means behind your SEND. 


SEND Strategy's goal is to bring this all-in strategy to more brands.


"I appreciate just being out there doing it and that can be authentic, but that's not the answer when you need to succeed. Deep down, some of us are constantly searching for our own strategic 'sends.' We relish in those moments of laser focus where nothing else matters but the present. Business, bikes, snow and life all have risks, but with a good strategy we can minimize the risk and maximize our send, and that's what we're doing here." -Matt Pacocha


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Prior to founding SEND Strategy, Matt Pacocha, helped Stages Cycling launch at the Interbike trade show in the fall of 2012. He was there before this brand was a brand. 

In 2013, Stages Cycling disrupted cycling’s power training category. Matt then helped Stages Cycling partner with Team SKY, the sport's top professional World Tour racing team. Initially, Stages had to convince the world’s best cycling team of a better way to capture consistent power data—a feat that was in-and-of-itself a marketing coup—as Stages had to, first, introduce this message and convince the team’s management and the athletes of it’s validity. The Stages Power product had pioneered a new way of measuring power through a single crank arm, which left many riders skeptical of value. Achieving acceptance from the Team then led to a boon in Stages Cycling’s consumer product success and ultimately helped make Stages Cycling the world’s largest power meter manufacturer, with hundreds of thousands of units produced to date.

In 2015, Stages launched a series of commercial indoor cycling bikes. Matt worked with the brand’s indoor team to integrate indoor and outdoor cycling. 

In 2016, Stages Cycling launched the Dash GPS Cycling computer. Matt helped develop the product message and asset kit that brought in a 2016 Interbike Innovation Award before the computer was even ready for sale.

Stages continued with SEND Strategy for the management of their sports marketing strategy, content and execution from 2017-2020.

Tektro is a family owned Taiwanese manufacturer that's been quietly producing some of the industry's best brakes in cycling for more than 35 years. TRP—Tektro Racing Products—is a brand born from this expertise and quality, but driven by the hunger of a bigger challenge. TRP is the performance 'worx' division of Tektro and has—quietly—lived this ethos for the last 12 years; from Tour de France time-trial bikes, to elite cyclocross, to an impactful partnership with Aaron Gwin on the mountain bike World Cup DH track. In 2019, TRP partnered with SEND Strategy for marketing strategy and execution specific to North American. SEND assisted in the strategy, planning and execution of TRP’s global DH7 drivetrain launch from building assets and gaining earned media, to paid campaigns throughout all channels, including organic and paid social media. The coverage garnered specific to the DH7 press launch resulted in 37 separate media hits with a reach of 478,000 online views and 1,120 social media shares. A key asset in the launch included a specific DH7 video staring Aaron Gwin, which pushed nearly 120,000 views on YouTube, from launch through the end of 2019.

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Granby Ranch Bike Park is steeped in mountain bike history. The resort, once called SolVista, hosts a bike park built and nurtured through its early years' by Momentum Trail Concepts. The bike park was the venue for US MTB Nationals in both 2009 and 2010. While this private 4,500-acre mountain bike playground should be packed every weekend, the management has faced the annual challenge of pulling people past the neighboring Trestle bike park, which is 20 minutes closer to Denver, CO and universally acknowledged as one of the best bike parks in the US. 

With a very short tenure, SEND Strategy first took a step back to focus on Granby Ranch's unique features. SEND presented simple concepts to repackage existing products and pioneer new ones. SEND shot photos and used the images to refresh the bike side of the website, all while engaging with established mountain bike personalities and brands. Strategy aside, SEND executed on an ambitious plan. As the 2019 season wrapped, bike-specific social traffic to the website increased by 10x and a single (contracted) video garnered nearly 30,000 views. Beyond owned properties, SEND produced and presented the park to an online readership of 9.89MM (Coveragebook generated estimate) through third-party media and grabbed front-page coverage for the bike park in both local print newspapers. Most importantly, SEND pulled in results where they count most—the bottom line. Granby Ranch’s Bike Park posted double-digit year-over-year revenue growth overall and in nearly every bike-specific category. 

In 2018 Marzocchi's parent company, FOX Factory, Inc, partnered with SEND Strategy to bring back this iconic Italian brand and relaunch the legendary Bomber suspension forks. 

SEND Strategy helped orchestrate a global launch for the Bomber Z1 suspension fork, and in the process gained more than 650,000 online impressions and 4,500 social shares for the new fork—all of which hit within two weeks of the fork's release.

Continued attention to the brand throughout this year-long partnership (Jan-Dec, 2018) allowed SEND Strategy to pull in an additional 35 long-term product reviews for the new fork. Most impressive—every review was resoundingly positive, and the fork won numerous 'best value' awards.

This product is good and we successfully delivered that message.

In addition to PR, SEND Strategy assisted the brand in market seeding, athlete and influencer management and instituted a grassroots grant program to eight of the top mountain bike advocacy clubs in North America. 

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