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Demo Experience

The demo fee can be applied to a bike 

purchase at evil-bikes.com

We'll buy you a beer after the ride!

In collaboration with Evil Bikes, the Hideaway Park Brewery, Shimano, LaZer, Marzocchi, 

Scwalbe, and CushCore, SEND Strategy has helped to develop two Evil Bike demo-test ride experiences for curious Colorado riders in the market for a new trail bike. You know who you are... you're looking for something different—yet just as technically advanced and trail capable as anything else on the market. This bike demo is facilitated by partner, SEND Demo, LLC.

SEND Demo's Winter Park, CO based bike testing is simple: you can head out by yourself for up to 4 hours to ride one of our turn-by-turn mapped GPS tracks. The other option is to ride with a valley local for up to two-hours of bike testing with a focus on bike fit, cockpit set up, suspension tuning and tire pressure. Once back, we'll buy you a beer at our favorite local haunt and staple to our MTB community — Hideaway Park Brewery.


Furthermore, you can apply your demo fee as a credit to the direct-purchase of your own Evil.

As mountain bikers' we're lucky. We live in a golden era of mountain bike suspension technology, and this makes it hard to go wrong, yet that makes it even harder to decide what to buy.... There's not one good bike that you must have, rather, you need to find the bike that's right for you and the trails you ride.

So, before you invest in your next bike, you it owe yourself and your wallet to ride as many different bikes as possible. You might just find that an Evil is the bike that fits our Colorado trails - perfectly.


Three reasons why you should ride an Evil before you buy your next bike.


Two Evil Models. 

FOLLOWING V3 120mm travel.

OFFERING 140mm travel.

All Sizes.   


$100 Demo fee.

Hand picked for Winter Park's Trails by 

Hideaway Park Brewery.

1. Evil's Delta System suspension is too awesome to describe. Yeah, you won't believe it until you experience it. This bike is sooo plush, yet pedals great! We digress. 'Delta' stands for - Dave's Extra Legitimate Travel Apparatus. Dave is Dave Weagle, one of our industry's suspension kinematic geniuses. You know what else is key to this bike's awesomeness? Fit and balance. Very few other bike manufacturers pay attention to geometry features the way Evil does. 

2. Single pivot simplicity... with a linkage driven shock that's positioned oh so low, makes for a bike that is ultimately flickable. Pair this unique design with well-thought and tested tested anti-rise, leverage ratio tech, plus a modern geometry and you'll find there's no other design that makes you want to ride further, longer and faster. Whether climbing or descending the Evil's bikes will surprise you. You simply have to ride one.

3. Looks aren't anything. Looks are everything. Bleed black, die Evil. These bikes do not look like a Session, a Yeti, or a Santa Cruz. YOU will stand out on this bike.

 Offering & Following 

Bleed Black, Die Evil.

Offering performance that stands out.

Visit Evil-Bikes.com



 The finest 12-speed shifting, four piston braking and wheel systems.

Visit ShimanoMTB.com

High quality, high grip, high mileage, German designed rubber.

Visit Schwalbetires.com

 Magic Mary & Hans Dampf 
 BOMBER Z1 & Z2 

Surprising suspension for balling on a budget.

Visit Marzocchi.com

Pro Proven Tire inserts to damp vibration, increase grip, prevent low pressure burps and protect your rims.
Visit CushCore.com
 Coyote MIPS 
 LaZer's Coyote MIPS vents well, is compatible with goggles, and has a 4-star safety rating from Virginia Tech. 
Vizit LaZer.com

*partner brands offer special benefits to demo participants. Please call or email for details.

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